Together, for the future of farming is an initiative focused on taking action against weed resistance. One day at a time, one field at a time, one action at a time.
Together we can champion stewardship and our actions will shape farming for years to come. And that’s what really matters.

But to ensure herbicides are viable long into the future, we need to re-think seasonal goals.What we really need is diversity. Diversity in our farming systems. Diversity in our tools, tactics and skillsets. Diversity in our mindset, because the answer to herbicide resistance isn’t the next herbicide.

Let’s make an impact, together. Let’s start today. Let’s Mix It Up

Financial Impact

It’s a fact: resistant weeds can devastate your farm and profitability. It doesn’t seem likely. It doesn’t seem like a threat. Until it happens.

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Know your groups

Get a quick overview of the complete herbicide market in Canada Learn More

Know your weeds

To manage the problem, you have to know your enemy Learn More

Resistance 101

Why resistance is a problem - and what you need to know Learn More

Meet the Experts

What the top minds in the country have to say about resistance Learn More


The top recommendations to Mix It Up! Learn More

Management Strategies

Practical and effective ways to diversify your weed resistance plan.

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Videos Experts and growers have a lot to say about resistance. Hear them now.

  • Weeds per Province Guide
    Get information on the top weeds per province and how best to manage them.