Action against weed resistance

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Weed ID App

IDENTIFY: The Weed ID App lets you ID weeds based on key characteristic selections you have identified.  It also allows you to search for weeds, view the weed database, and provide detailed descriptions and photos of the weeds.

MAP IT: The Map It section of the app uses a WiFi connection and your GPS coordinates to map and track the weed pressures you have identified year-over-year.

  • Identify Weeds
  • Map Weed Pressures
  • Download regular updates to the weed database - there are currently 48 weeds in the database
  • Contact Monsanto Technical Support in your region

Monsanto Canada is dedicated to providing sound agronomic recommnedations, education and information to help support good weed management practices and solutions.  Understanding the weed pressures you face is a great first step towards optimizing your weed control and for implementing a successful weed management strategy on your farm.

Download the app for you iPhone or Android device.  We look forward to hearing from you!